Top 5 Benefits of Living in the Suburbs

Pickwick Apartments

After the changes and challenges of 2020, suburban living has never looked so good. With more employers than ever shifting to remote work, many city residents are eyeing up a move to the desirable suburbs. For those looking to expand to a new area in New Jersey, Pickwick’s Maple Shade apartments for rent showcase all of the benefits of living in the suburbs. Here are just a few of the top reasons why you may want to leave city living behind and start your next chapter in the ’burbs:


Suburban apartments are often much more affordable than city residences. With a lower price, residents have more in their pocket for daily expenses and even long-term savings.


While homes like Pickwick’s Maple Shade apartments for rent are affordable, residents don’t need to sacrifice convenience for the sake of price. Many suburban apartment communities are conveniently located right near large cities, so residents can enjoy quick commutes by car or public transportation to work, school or leisure activities in downtown areas. At Pickwick, residents can travel to nearby Philadelphia in just 20 minutes.


Unlike city apartments, which are often packed into narrow high-rises, suburban apartments generally offer much more space, allowing residents to live comfortably. Pickwick’s apartments range from 730 to 790 square feet for one-bedroom apartments and up to 1,050 square feet for two-bedroom apartments.


Longtime city residents may worry that a move to the suburbs means giving up a sense of community; however, the amenities and events that abound at suburban apartments foster tight-knit relationships among residents. For instance, Pickwick’s swimming pool is a great spot to mix and mingle with neighbors in the summertime, while residents with youngsters love getting to meet other parents and their kids at the community playground.


While suburban apartment communities often offer close proximity to large cities and leading employers, they also give residents a taste of nature. At Pickwick’s Maple Shade apartments for rent, the park-like setting of the community provides a beautiful setting right at home, while residents are also just a stone’s throw from some of the region’s best opportunities for outdoor adventure. Laurel Acres Park and Strawbridge Lake Park are just minutes away and both offer trails, waterways and plenty of trees, flowers and wildlife to help you relax, reset and recharge.

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